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  1. Delicious! We love to make coconut ice cream as well, though I hadn’t thought to add strawberries–novel idea and I can’t wait to try it out!

    I love your food photography, it’s just homey and warm enough but very crisp and clean at the same time, just wonderful!

  2. Oh, your sweet, Elena : ) I’ll admit, I beat myself up too much when it comes to the photography. A new lens seems to be all I think about!

  3. Yum!!! Thanks for sharing . . . I shall have to try this recipe. Oh, I’ll be posting on making your own coconut milk soon . . . you won’t believe how easy it is!!!!!!

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  5. Oh, yum! I shall have to try this sometime when we get a new ice cream maker (our last one croaked!)I especially like this recipe on cause of its being SUGAR FREE!! :D I don’t find sugar free desert recipes often enough for sugar-lovin-sugar-allergic me. Thanks!

  6. You don’t need an ice cream maker to make this :D It does make it faster, but it’s not necessary. I don’t even own an ice cream maker! I pour the creamed mixture into ice cube trays, freeze, toss in a food processor, and pulse until creamy.

  7. LOL, I guess I should have read the recipe closer. :D Thanks for letting me know….I will make this as soon as I can get my hands on some strawberries!

    I’m going to try to use coconut cream (Tropical Traditions) mixed with water. ;)


  8. I made this the other day – it was AWESOME! far surpassed my expectation!!! even my dad and sisters who don’t really like coconut ate big bowls of it! i can’t wait to make this again, as well as your maple ice cream!!

  9. This sounds so good! Someone mentioned using coconut cream mixed with water in lieu of the coconut milk fat and I was wondering sort of the same thing…could I use straight coconut oil (Nature’s Path is the brand I have) instead of the milk fat?

    Also…I am enjoying your photography! Just curious if it’s alright to “Pinterest” some of your things or if you’d prefer people not do that. I think that was actually where I found out about this recipe first (either that or a blog hop from something on Pinterest). Also…in sharing some good finds from your site on my own blog, is it permissible to use a photo from the post I would be linking to, giving your name and linking to your website, of course? If not, that’s fine!

    Anyway…so glad to know about your website and hoping it will inspire me in my desire to eat healthier!

  10. Rachel, if you don’t want to use the coconut milk fat I would suggest using coconut butter rather than oil. You basically make a coconut butter milk by adding water. I used it in my maple ice cream recipe.

    Yes, please do pin away! It would be great if you could include the url to the recipe you are pinning (not just the blog url).

    Yes, I’d love if you shared my blog on your blog. Please only use one photo with credit and linked back. Also, could you email me when you post it? I’d love to read what you write!

    Come back and be encouraged with healthy food!

  11. This really sounds delicious and healthy.

    How many cans of coconut milk are needed to make 2 cups of coconut fat??

    I like that this can be made without an ice cream maker.

  12. Found this in pinterest. Love this idea. My son has a condition that makes him allergic to 90% of food. Luckily coconut is one of his safe ones and it’s hard to find coconut ice cream without all the additives and gums which he is sensitive to. I am going to add banana instead of strawberries since he hasn’t passed berries yet. Yay can’t wait to try this. Gonna check out some of your other recipies too although he can’t do many raw foods since I have to cook the proteins down so he can digest them.

  13. I happened upon this at the perfect time!! Ice cream is my favorite food…ever. Problem? I think dairy is causing my breakouts. I cannot wait to try this! Thanks for putting the time into this beautiful blog!

  14. Sorry, but what exactly is “coconut milk fat”? I have coconut milk (fridge kind), coconut milk in the can, coconut spread, coconut oil and coconut butter…none of which are “coconut milk fat”. Thanks!!!

  15. Patsy: Most canned coconut will have guar gum, so if you look at my chai tea ice cream recipe you can use coconut butter instead.

  16. Chelsea: Ice cream is the best, so I understand your dilemma! Coconut milk fat ice cream is probably the closest alternative and it’s so easy to make. Let me know what you think.

  17. Kerry: Canned coconut milk separates into fat and water. Coconut milk fat is just the fat off the top :) Don’t shake the cans, refrigerate them, and then the fat will be super easy to scrape off the top.

  18. Oops. Just read the whole recipe and found out. ….how many cans do you go thru to get 2 cups?

  19. have you used “light” coconut milk for this before, or are you using full fat? i am wondering if i need to go to the store… all i have is light. :) looks yummy!

  20. Amanda: You can use light, but it will not be creamy like ice cream. The only difference between “light” and full fat coconut milk is that water is added to the “light” :)

  21. I didn’t read all the comments so someone may have asked this.
    Can we sub some SF sweetener for the honey?
    Need to be LC.

  22. Lee Jacintho: Yes, you can use any liquid sweetener you like. Maple syrup, date paste, agave, coconut nectar, etc. all would work great!

  23. We have lots of coconuts here in the Philippines. I would love to try this soon. Thank you for sharing this recipe, Hannah!

  24. Hello Hannah!

    My name is Petra and I follow Jacqueline’s blog, Deep Roots at Home. After she posted your deliciously delectable recipe, I wanted to comment and say thank you! I love that it doesn’t require an icecream maker.

    God bless your day, and bring you refreshment and joy.

    In Him, Petra

  25. Stopping by from Deep Roots at Home. Can I make this without a food processor? I don’t have a plunger either. I would love to make this. Could I use a big bowl and just stir it every hour or so to make it creamy? I am pinning! Thanks for sharing. Hope to see you at True Aim.

  26. Tulip: Yes, you can just freeze the mix and stir it occasionally as it freezes. Do you have a Champion juicer? If you do, you can freeze the mix in ice cube trays and then once they freeze press them through the juicer.

  27. I just made this and substituted coconut cream for the fat and sugar for the honey. It is absolutely delicious! I think since I used 15 oz of coconut cream it doesn’t get super frozen like ice cream, but has more of a gelato texture. It’s creamy and decadent. I will not be buying any more strawberry ice cream. Making it with this recipe is the way to go.

  28. Oh my stars. Thank you for this recipe – it’s so good. For others who are wondering yes just buy the coconut milk in a can and when you open it, the white solid stuff on top is the fat you want (there will be a liquid underneath it) – just spoon it out. I was delightfully surprised this didn’t taste overwhelmingly like coconut.

    I made 1/2 batch (filled one ice cube tray) and it would be a great amount for 2 people to share. I, naturally, ate all of it myself :)

  29. My mouth is watering! I cannot wait to try this!!!!!!!!!! The pictures make me want to lick my screen. HAHAHA Thanks!

  30. One question – after you have the cubes, can you blend it all then leave it in the freezer like regular ice cream, or should you blend it as you eat it.

  31. Jody: Yes, blend and leave in the freezer. But if you want a softer ice cream you can process the cubes after they are frozen.

  32. This looks amazing!!!! After I’m finished with Lent I think this is my go to for summer ice cream!

  33. Sounds like a great recipe, do want to try it, but need to ask, what do you do with the other liquid after you take the fat off ? Can it be used, or best to throw away? Just wondering….Thanks

  34. I noticed your photo of the ice cream in a loaf pan with wax paper. When can you freeze it like that? Your recipe doesn’t include that in the steps. Looks amazing! Thanks!

  35. Mona: You can use the whole can, but it just won’t be as creamy. If you want the fullest most creamy consistency, use only the fat. The remaining liquid can be used in place of milk, in smoothies, baking, and anywhere else it fits :) Hope that helps!

  36. Abby: If you have a plunger for your blender, then yes. I don’t have one so I use a food processor or a Campion juicer :)

  37. Lisa: You can freeze the ice cream mix in anything and then scrape shavings once it’s frozen with a fork. I went ahead and processed the cubes in a food processor and then put it in the pan. It comes out like soft serve, but for a harder ice cream I refroze it in the pan. The only down side to doing this is you have to check on it until it gets to just the right firmness and then eat it right away. It’s really unnecessary extra work, but if you like more firm ice cream (but not rock hard) then that is an option :)

  38. I found this on pinterest and I’m so glad I did! I’ve read your comments but if I don’t have a food processor, a juicer,and my blender is a regular blender with no plunger, then is something that I just have to miss out on? Is there no other way to blend it? Why won’t a regular blender work? This recipe sounds so pure and so wonderful that I really want to be able to make this! I am a southern girl who cooks the southern way where everything can be fried and topped off with butter!!! But I am not trying to croak before 40 so I’ve realized I have to change my ways! I am a sugarholic so it’s been a very hard transition for me. So I’m excited to find your blog! Any help I can get is much appreciated!

  39. Nicole: Yes, another good question! It’s a little more tedious, but after blending the ingredients, pour into a larger container (not ice cube trays). Be sure it’s large enough so that the mixture is shallow. Place in freezer. Now here’s the tedious part, check regularly and stir until frozen to desired consistency. If you’re ok with rock hard ice cream you can also freeze the liquid in popsicle molds and enjoy it that way :) Hope that helps!

  40. I am going to try this first chance I get. My soon us approx to milk so he can’t have most milks. He loves strawberry sorbet so i’m sure he .will love this as well

  41. Hopefully I didn’t miss this up above, but what do you do with the remaining coconut water from the can?

  42. If you’re just using the fat off the top of the can how many cans does it take to get 2 cups of the milk fat?

  43. Amber: Usually 2, but it can depend on the brand. Some seem to be about half fat half water, while others have more fat, or don’t separate easily.

  44. Can’t wait to make this, my girls and I are allergic to milk, and about 2years ago we stopped doing refined sugar, so the only treat I found at the store was sugar free coconut milk ice cream at $8 a pint it is pretty steep price to pay for a treat, we all split the pint. Lol, this will be much cheaper, I am going to experiment with making chocolate, and banana, and vanilla, and Popsicles for the summer. This will save me so much money.

  45. Hi Hannah! I love all the ingredients in this “easy” recipe! But I was doubly glad to find out you are a christian! I just came back from the Philippines from a 2 month vacation where there are a lot of coconuts! I was born in Hawaii but grew up in the mainland (Virginia,Florida etc) and the Philippines. I belong to a Hawaiian Dance Troupe and i am now able to tavel more. Hope we can be friends on Facebook! (check out our website)

  46. LOVE that this is Paleo! My hubs and I have a love for ice cream and are so stoked at the prospect of not giving up dessert!

  47. Instead of skimming the coconut milk fat off of 2 cans of coconut milk, could I use a can of coconut cream? It’s essentially the same thing, right?

  48. I got frozen strawberry slices 1 can of the coconut milk and already had honey at home but no strawberry ice cream…. Do i need the ice cream too

  49. Sabrina: Nope. The coconut milk, strawberries, and honey will be the ice cream! After blending and freezing you will have creamy strawberry ice cream :)

  50. I have never used canned coconut milk. How many cans would be needed to get 2 cups of the coconut milk fat? Also, can this be made in other flavors? There are 2 of us in our family that are lactose intolerant, so a recipe like this would be perfect. Thanks!

  51. I thought “how can ice-cream be dairy free” but what you have presented sounds great. We can get coconut CREAM (I use it in Thai cooking) so it should be good. Mum, many years ago made ice-cream from dairy products in a similar way. She did however, whip the cream, freeze it as you have done, re-whip it and then re-freeze it. Worked well and I will try it with coconut cream and fruit as per your receipe.

  52. I am trying to eat healthier! Seriously; it so good to hear recipes which only have two or three ingredients in food! Thank u!

  53. Hi I am allergic to coconut is there a substitute that I can use instead of the coconut

  54. I’m a Grandma , who wants her grandkids to eat more fruit.
    Will try this recipe and let you know

  55. Renee: You can use cream or any nut milk. If you use nut milk make it fresh and use less water to make for a thicker milk.

  56. Carol: I’m not sure, but the coconut milk can, honey jar, and strawberry package will probably have that listed. Coconut is high in calories and saturated fat, but it’s good healthy fat that actually suppresses your appetite. If that helps :)

  57. Cathy: Each brand varies, so I would suggest using more cans or trying a different brand. Trader Joe’s sells coconut cream, which is mostly coconut fat with much less water.

  58. I just made this strawberry ice cream using stevia for the sweetener, about three droppersful of the vanilla cream. It was delicious!

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