fall is tea time

Fall: crisp air, sweaters, colored leaves, pumpkins, and the coziest drink, tea. I like to say I just became a tea drinker. I always wanted to be a tea drinker, because it’s so idyllic (one of my favorite words I hardly get to use). I would try to like tea, but it always ended in painfully downing the last bitter gulp and wondering why I put myself through that…again.

However, last season, as the temperatures gradually dropped I tried a new tea. I like to call it a yummy flavor. Chai and other spiced teas. Mmm spiced teas are delicious with a little coconut milk or almond milk and stevia. Since my new appreciation for tea other flavors have become palatable as well. My current picks are green chai tea, yerba mate, and chicory root. Loose leaf, in a cloth tea bag, because it’s cute that way.

See more pictures here.

Next week: warm buckwheat cereal.

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  1. fall IS tea time; i’m going to brew a pot right now! i’ll share some of my favorite loose-leafs with you sometime if you like – do you only do decaf?

  2. Cloth tea bags are amazingly beautiful (not to mention simple to make). Love.love.love the shot with the tea on the spoons. :-) Super creative and minimalistic.

    You have a beautiful website, both this one and your Little Lights Creative. Our Heavenly Father has blessed you with tremendous talent! :-)


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