Maple Ice Cream

I’m in college. I would be what you call a super-duper senior. Super meaning 5th year senior. Add a duber to that and you’ve got a 6th year senior. It’s a longgg story, so I’ll share the gist of it.

I was the typical college bound, career driven girl, so naturally I went off to college right after high school graduation. Fast forward two years and I’m convicted to live at home, so I declare my sophomore year the last year living on campus.

My Dad works for the school I attend, and as a result I have had the HUGE blessing of attending college for $0. After my sophomore year I commuted an hour and attended part-time. This went on and on until this September when my family and I moved to the town where my Dad works. No more long drives!

Now I live about 4 whopping minutes from campus! Because of this new arrangement I went ahead and plotted my remaining classes and *gulp* submitted a form to graduate. When I initially moved home I had no intentions of completing my degree. I just kept taking classes because I enjoyed learning from the pros about graphic design. However, after so many years of doing that I’ve gotten to a point where I am sooo close to graduating.

Do I “need” a degree in graphic design…uh no. Do I “need” any degree…uh no. However, I know that as long as my Dad works for the university and I still live at home I will continue taking classes. I make a point each semester to pray about continuing, and so far it’s a go until further notice. Some things happen that you have no idea why or how but you know God is going to use it for His good.

Have questions? Don’t assume, ask away! I would love to answer :)

Maple Ice Cream
4-5 c water
14-16 oz. coconut butter
1 1/2 c maple syrup
2 t Celtic Sea salt
1 c walnuts (soaked and dehydrated)

Blend all ingredients except walnuts. Freeze in ice cube trays and process in a food processor or press through a juicer. I recently bought an ice cream maker, so that works too! Just add in walnuts during processing.

[See here for tips and alternatives.]

Next week: orange chocolates sage crackers & cranberry spread.

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  1. We are looking at colleges with our oldest daughter. The price of an education is shocking. I think it’s wonderful that you can take classes for free. Wishing you all the best!

  2. Wow, that’s a great testimony! I agree, you don’t have to have a degree to be ‘accomplished’–but if you can get one with just a little effort, why not? ;)

  3. Patrice, I’ve been meaning to reply to your comment! The school I attend is a private Christian university and the tuition is extremely high, which means the campus is really nice and the quality of education is very good. However, I can’t help but wonder how many of the students I pass by throughout the week have any clue how much debt they are getting themselves in to. What percentage are there on scholarship or are paying their way through each semester?

    My first two years in college I lived on campus and had to pay for room and board. Applying for student loans is deceptively painless, so it don’t seem like a big deal to borrow thousands and thousands of dollars. I’m very grateful that I don’t have the weight of tuition debt, but I still have room and board debt. I suppose what I’m trying to say is that it is never worth getting an “education” unless you know 100% that the skill you acquire will allow that debt to be paid off in less that a few years. If you have to pay back student loans for the rest of your life than your degree wasn’t worth anything.

    Do mind if I ask, what is your daughter interested in studying?

    Many Blessings,

  4. I so passionately agree with your views on college tuition costs, I quoted and cited you on my Facebook, the quote in your comment about if you have to pay off student loans for the rest of your life, then your degree wasn’t worth anything. I hope you don’t mind!!! You just completely encompassed my whole view on a situation that I now am desperately regretting and passionately angry about thanks to high school brain/hogwash from thoughtless teachers and bad programs.

  5. Lyza, I don’t mind at all! If it weren’t for all the brain/hogwash, as you said, my statement wouldn’t be…well, it would be obvious. Spread the word!

  6. Mrs. Franks, I purchased the coconut butter at Whole Foods, but you can find it online here. Yes, canned coconut milk fat works as a substitute, but you won’t add the water.

  7. Hey, I tried your recipe but I’m stuck… I blended the stuff together, but the oil and water keep separating, and when I tried to freeze it, it turned into maple slush and frozen maple-flavored butter. Help!

  8. Hi there, I’m wondering why the walnuts need to be soaked and then dehydrated? Why not just use them dry right from the bag? Thanks!

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