happy new year!

Sparkling Cranberry Pomegranate Juice
25.3 oz sparkling water
1 c fresh juice (about)
3/4 t stevia extract

Juice fresh fruit. I used two 8 oz. bags fresh cranberries and 3 fresh pomegranates. Now, as healthy as it may be, juicing pomegranate seeds and pith make for a bitter juice. SUPER good for you, but it’s an acquired taste. If you aren’t feeling bold quite yet just use cranberries : ) Slowwwly pour juice into sparkling water. I used 5 bottles for the above listed amount of fresh fruit. Stir in stevia and enjoy!

Looking forward to what the Lord has planned for Immer Wachsen in 2012!

5 Responses to happy new year!

  1. Hello Hannah,

    My sister sent me a link to your blog and, in just the short amount of time I’ve been looking through it, I find that it blesses me.
    I am encouraged by the way you weave Jesus Christ into your posts – not as an afterthought but as the core.
    Beautiful blog, beautiful thoughts.
    Blessings to you ~ Sarah

  2. Hallo Hannah,
    Immer Wachsen makes think you have German heritage? Do you still speak and understand (read) German?

    The Lord just led me to the Wild Crafted raw Irish Moss through your blog and I am excited about it. Now I wonder which supplier is an honest good one and reasonable in price, too?
    I really enjoy what you have to say!

  3. Monika: Yes, my maternal grandmother was German. I understand more German than I speak, which is not much at all :) I would love to be fluent, but it’s currently not something I’m pursuing. Other than three years in high school, I haven’t studied the language.

    A trust worthy and reasonably priced source for Irish moss is the Raw Food World. Here is a link: http://ow.ly/gEryA . Enjoy!

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