Dear faithful readers, during the last photo shoot my camera stopped working. It has never given me any trouble, but it is older and suppose it needed a break. As of right now I’m not sure what this means for Immer Wachsen. From the very beginning of this blog’s concept I have prayed through and dedicated it to the Lord. A conviction for reforming and reclaiming the health food community for Christ has always been the purpose behind the blog. Not too long ago I would have been so upset about my camera not working. But I’m not the least bit concerned, because I know it is God’s will. He has blessed my efforts beyond what I could have imagined, and I trust that if it is His will for me to continue He will provide. That being said, I hope to return sooner rather than later, but I’m putting my trust in the Lord Jesus Christ to fulfill His perfect purpose in this situation : )

German Chocolate Clusters

Congratulations to the Navitas Naturals giveaway winner, Liz Carey!

I’m pretty sure I take the crown for giving the worst first impressions…ever.
I must go into the highest gear of “let’s be as awkward as possible” whenever I meet people for the first time. Maybe it’s my overly analytical introversive personality,
or maybe…well, I couldn’t really be that awkward…could I?

When I get into these over analytical thoughts involving what people think of me,
I must must MUST remember that it is not me I am trying to draw attention to. Exhibiting the fruit of the Spirit (love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control) and learning to be a true friend should always be at the forefront of my mind in order to glorify Christ…not me. It’s easy for me to get jealous of the well-spoken, impressive, or even *gulp* flirty girls, because their social interactions seem to come effortlessly. However, that doesn’t make flawless social skills pure in motive or God honoring. I have to remember that even keeping my mouth shut is wiser than speaking foolishly. “In the multitude of words sin is not lacking, but he who restrains his lips is wise.” (Proverbs 10:19).

Then I get this shocking reality check when people actually like me. Really?
I think in sinful humanity, we are naturally wrapped up in ourselves, but other people tend to see something different. I’m humbled every time someone compliments me, wants to stay in touch, leaves a sweet (and undeserving!) comment on this blog, and for some reason cares to know me. I think I’ll be blown away (as in, I’ll most likely faint) when the day comes where my future husband decides he actually wants me to be his best friend forever : )

All that being said, it’s not about me, God’s plan is perfect, and yes I’ve been listening to a lot of marriage sermons…so naturally it’s on my mind! Now how about some food?!

The kind people from Artisana sent me a scrumptious collection of their raw organic nut butters. I’ve tried many of their products before but never the walnut butter. Let me just say it is SO fresh and light and the flavor is rich and perfect.

German chocolate clusters
1 c (8 oz.) Artisana walnut butter
1 c shredded coconut
1/2 c raw honey
1/4 t Celtic Sea salt
1/2 c cacao butter
1/2 c cacao powder

In a mixing bowl, cream walnut butter, honey, and salt together. Add in shredded coconut, and roll into teaspoon sized balls. Freeze. Melt cacao butter, combine with cacao powder, and drizzle over walnut clusters.