Frank’s Finest BBQ Kale Chips

Frank’s Finest BBQ Kale Chips
1/2 lb kale
1 c cashew butter
2 T Frank’s Finest BBQ spice blend
1/2 t Celtic Sea Salt

Remove stems from clean kale. In a large mixing bowl massage remaining ingredients onto kale. Dehydrate at 105-115 degrees until crispy. Enjoy!

Pride has frequented my thoughts lately. And when my sister told me of her concerns to fall for the lure, it made me smile because she has nothing to worry about. Those humble enough to fear pride in the midst of a situation where a pat on the back feels pretty good…well, I think they are all right.

However, pride is a temptation for each of us. No matter rank, worth (monetary of course), or “deserved” we may be we fall pathetically short of anything but humiliation. God’s Word is a means of humbling ourselves. To read it and meditate on it should bring forth waves of reminders and truths of our nothingness and His omnipotence.

When my sister came to my office (tucked away in our basement:) late one night just to talk she was so worried she would get a big head about her growing bakery business and the community that’s recognizing her name. Now let me say, there is nothing wrong with complementing others or receiving compliments (unless it’s flattery of course…saying something that you would never say behind their back…the opposite of gossip)! The severity of my point is an issue of the heart. Do we automatically take that compliment and inwardly look to Him? All of us have it in us to hang oversized self portraits like Mr. Potter did in It’s A Wonderful Life, but as Christians the thought should make us shudder with embarrassment. Remember we are here for His glory. Period.

P.S. I’m not immune :)

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