After 6.5 years I officially have a Bachelor’s Degree in graphic design from Indiana Wesleyan University! I don’t think I’ll believe it’s true until next month when I don’t have to go back to class :) Last Saturday friends and family celebrated the end of this journey in my life and the beginning of the next. God has sustained me through this long and interesting journey, and kept me in school while my heart was often not. Thank you to all who encouraged me to keep at it, especially towards the end.

During the years I went to school part-time, I was able to start a business and the Lord has been faithful through my diligence. I’m very blessed to have had work the literal day I graduated…and in the field I studied. Hope you all have a Merry Christmas!

With Sar, Mom, and Dad

My very dear friend Shelby and her mom came from out of state to surprise me!

Family :D

Very tall and funny cousin, Charlie :)

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  1. Kathryn: Thank you! Yes, I do know Shelby :) I met the dear several years ago and have grown so close in this past year. I got new glasses, but I’ve worn glasses for a long time. My last pair were falling a part so I only wore them when I absolutely had to, so you probably saw me when I wasn’t wearing them :) Beautiful pictures of Abbe by the way! Merry Christmas!

  2. I am a silent follower of your blog, growing interested and more determined towards raw food and hopefully one day getting fully and properly into it. Your blog intrigued me, as it is in English with a German heading.

    Congratulations on your graduations and thank you for sharing the raw food with us. Merry Christmas to you and yours. Inés (originally from Germany living in the cold and grey UK)

  3. Inés: So glad you commented :) Merry Christmas to you, too! It’s cold here as well. I love hearing from German speaking readers who found my blog because of the title. I hope to someday visit Germany, and long enough to learn the language fluently.

  4. Hello – I have been following your blog for a few months now and have kept quiet (until now!) and I just wanted to say congratulations on graduating – I know what a feat that is, as I am still in school (after some 8 odd years!) and wow, what a struggle it has been. I’m not a raw foodist, but I love your photography and how your passion about God shines through on your blog. Love what you post here.

  5. Erin: Thanks so much for your sweet comment! To God be the glory, and may He bless you in your own school journey! I still can’t believe I’m done. I’m not strictly a raw foodie either, so no worries, everyone is welcome :) Happy new year!

  6. Just catching up on your blog. So happy for you, congratulations. I graduated in 2009 and remember those last few weeks of school well. While I have always loved learning, and the University of Minnesota helped “build me,” I find myself drawn to non-traditional styles of education. Right now I’m taking a quilt class and love it!

    Keep up the great writing, merry belated Christmas and God Bless you.

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