Coffee Dyed Linen Scarf [ giveaway] closed

I had a mass amount of linen fabric to make a scarf but then ended up with two, so I’m giving the second one away! It is 100% linen, hand frayed, and hand double dip dyed in organic coffee. It may even have a lingering coffee aroma :)

You will be entered for each of the following, but at minimum do one to qualify:

-Pin this post with the original link (not just the blog URL)
-Like the Immer Wachsen Facebook page
-Post this giveaway on Facebook with a tag to the Immer Wachsen page
-Tweet about this giveaway with a link to this original post and tag me (@ImmerWachsen)
-Instagram this giveaway and mention me (@immerwachsen)

Make sure to tag correctly or there’s no way for me to know you entered :)

Giveaway winner will be announced ends February 16th.

30 Responses to Coffee Dyed Linen Scarf [ giveaway] closed

  1. I think this scarf is so beautiful! I posted it on Facebook, pinned it on pinterest and liked your page on Facebook! Thanks for doing this giveaway!

  2. I shared the giveaway link on Facebook as well as liked your Facebook page.

    I’ve often enjoyed your recipes, and I am excited to find out about this wonderful giveaway!

  3. Hi there!

    I like your FB since looong, and shared the giveaway as well.

    Your photos are making the food look just irresistable. Thanks having this blog, and thanks for sharing the scarf!

  4. Hey Hannah! It’s Emily, long time no…talk.
    I saw this post a while back and I was wondering if you made this scarf yourself?
    If you did, could you give me directions?
    A coffee scarf sounds like totally the best accessory in the world.

  5. Emily: Hi! Yes, I did make it :) I used some found fabric (curtain, skirt, dress, sheet, really big shirt, etc.), ripped off the seams, washed it, and then cleaned up the frayed edges by fraying it more evenly. Then I soaked overnight in strong freshly brewed coffee, rinsed, dried it in the drier, and voila!

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