Creator’s Glory Herbs

Creator's Glory Herbs _

“Our purpose for Creator’s Glory Herbs is to nurture, nourish,
and bless others while sharing the beauty of God’s creation.”

I am thrilled to share this giveaway from Creator’s Glory Herbs! I met the owner, Teresa Peterson, last year after returning from a summer spent working on a farm in Wisconsin. She and her husband and their two little boys live on a farm here in my county and run this small business. I’m not sure how she does it, but this is seriously One tea cup just isn’t quite enough! Find out how to enter below.

Creator's Glory Herbs _
Creator's Glory Herbs _

Must do all of the following to enter.
Leave a comment when you enter.
Be sure to enter correctly or I won’t know that you entered :)

“Like” the Creator’s Glory Herbs page
“Like” the Immer Wachsen page & share page’s link of this post
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Winner will receive one 0.5 oz tin of Peppermint Candy tea, one 2.4 oz tin of Red Ginger Dusk tea, reusable cotton tea bags, and one tube of Natural Lip Balm. Giveaway ends May 2nd.

Creator's Glory Herbs _
Creator's Glory Herbs _
Creator's Glory Herbs _
Creator's Glory Herbs _
Creator's Glory Herbs _
Creator's Glory Herbs _
Creator's Glory Herbs _

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29 Responses to Creator’s Glory Herbs

  1. Oh, this is a lovely giveaway! Thank you for doing it. (I also like the photography, as always.)

  2. If I were on Pinterest, I would enter! Teresa makes a lip balm with honey and it is the only thing that truly helps when my lips are dry.

  3. Oh, this looks divine!!! I have recently given up coffee. I’m trying to find a tea that I like, but can’t seem to find one!! Oh I would love to win this so I could hopefully find a NEW love in a mug :)

  4. This is exciting! :) You always take the prettiest photographs. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  5. This tea sounds delish! I have liked the FB page; and also pinned this post. I hope I win…My husband and I are avid tea drinkers…always looking for new brands…and cotton tea bags! Amazing! Great Photography Also! Best of Luck to all!

  6. Their shop looks delightful! I wish I could enter, I don’t have a FB account, however. It would be lovely if you ever have any other giveaways if the facebook part was optional.

  7. Thanks for all the wonderful, healthy recipes. I’m on a very strict diet and your Strawberry Ice Creamnis exactly what I’ve been looking for!!!


  8. I appreciate you introducing me to Creator’s Glory Herbs, I look forward to getting updates on this site (and yours!) The teas look amazing. I am fairly new to eating whole, clean, healthy foods and have your strawberry ice cream in my freezer right now, and can’t wait to try it right after dinner tonight. Keep up the great work, you are doing a wonderful job, and I look forward to more of your recipes!

  9. nice giveaway! I love new teas! btw I have been a blog lurker since you posted the strawberry coconut milk ice cream, mmm!

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