Irish Moss

Irish Moss :

I have a recipe coming up that calls for whole Irish moss, so I thought I’d first re-touch on the subject of this peculiar ingredient. When I was first introduced to Irish moss it was during a raw blueberry pie demo by a renowned raw food chef. The way she talked about it made it sound like living gold. It was fragile and difficult to work with. Overwhelmed by the thought of using it was an understatement. Somewhere along the line I gave it try, and after a little practice it’s become an essential ingredient in many of my recipes. From bread to pie Irish moss is a must! Unlike alternatives Irish moss is so full of nutrients that it makes everything it’s in that much healthier to eat. If you would like to know more about Irish moss and it’s many health benefits visit The Raw Food World.

Irish Moss :

Irish Moss Gel
whole Irish moss soaked overnight and thoroughly rinsed in cool water

Loosely fill blender with Irish moss and pour water up to max line. Blend for about 20 seconds, add another handful of Irish moss, and blend for 30-40 seconds. The gel doesn’t have to be perfectly creamy, but it needs to be broken down enough to gelatinize. I don’t like to blend too long, because it can become warm. All of the recipes that call for Irish moss gel will be processed or blended again, so there’s no need to pulverize the Irish moss when making the gel. Next refrigerate and use when needed.

With the 1 lb. package I was able to make more than 4 quarts of gel! I also kept 1 quart of whole moss for specific recipes. I’ve kept gel refrigerated for more than a year and have never had a problem. Be brave and try it!

Irish Moss :
Irish Moss :

This is what whole Irish moss looks like before soaking. It’s covered in salt and sand and smells like the ocean :)

Irish Moss :
Irish Moss :

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  1. Hi, I have wanted to try irish moss for a long time (and had used the powder for a bit) but I read a several studies on carrageenan (which is irish moss) that say that it is extremely inflammatory and dangerous for health. Could I ask for your take on this please? Thanks!

  2. April: Carrageenan is part of Irish moss. Just like gluten is part of wheat. I’ve never heard anything about carrageenan being dangerous, and know that Irish moss is incredibly good for you. The only reason not to eat Irish moss is if you are allergic to iodine :)

  3. How does Irish Moss differ from Agar Agar? Nutritional differences aside, will Agar Agar work the same for recipes such as your soft spongy bread?

  4. I made your bread using Agar gel I made and it worked perfect. I’ve been looking for a good loaf-style raw bread and this works great, thanks!

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