Whipped Orange Salad

Whipped Orange Salad : ImmerWachsen.com

Anyone else grow up going to MCL cafeteria as a treat? This was a rare occasion, but when it happened there was one classic menu item I never could get enough of. Whipped cream, mandarine oranges, pineapple chunks, mini marshmallows, and shredded coconut made into the most addicting sweet salad out there…at least in my opinion :) After discovering the homemade honey marshmallow I had to make my own version! I skipped some of the ingredients out of preference, but feel free to mix it up how you like. Just thinking about this recipe makes my mouth water!

Whipped Orange Salad : ImmerWachsen.com

Whipped Orange Salad
3 cups coconut milk fat (4 cans)
2 Tablespoon honey
honey marshmallows
3 navel oranges

Blend coconut milk fat and honey in a high speed blender. Once blended to the point that the ingredients separate, keep blending until combined, and refrigerate 12 hours.

In a mixing bowl fold cubed honey marshmallows and oranges slices into the whipped coconut cream. Enjoy!

Whipped Orange Salad : ImmerWachsen.com

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  1. My dear grandmother makes five-cup salad for holidays…it’s always something to look forward to. As we’ve all grown older and away from our small town where she still resides, we’ve begun to make this ‘salad’ for ourselves. I’m so excited/thankful for this recipe – and cannot wait to try this version for our next holiday dinner.

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