I Moved to Portland!

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I moved to Portland! If you’ve followed my story you’ll know that moving away from home is a huge lifestyle change from when I started this blog. It’s been a year in the making, but when the opportunity came to work with Kinfolk for a season it was just the nudge I needed to finally pack my bags and head West. Portland is still new territory for me and I don’t feel quite at home yet, but I like it here my home. I like the culture, the work opportunities, and of course the coffee. My hope is to get a bit more settled  (I’ve only been here a month) and who knows maybe I’ll just stay :)

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  1. You are truly the perfect person to work at that publication. I’ve so enjoyed watching your journey so far. I lived in Portland for 4 years from 2001-2005 and went to high school right downtown. You’re going to adore the coffee there :)

  2. This is so exciting! I BIG HEART Kinfolk!! And Portland – what an incredible city. Sending you my prayers for many blessing on this leg of your journey!

  3. We live 2 hours from Portland on the Wa. side.

    I have been enjoying your blog for over a year now. Great pictures and recipes !

    Maybe a silly question, but what is Kinfolk ?
    : )

  4. Ok, I looked it up–looks like a great restaurant/magazine/testing ground for food ?
    Are you working for the magazine ?
    Curious me–I never heard of it !

  5. Neat! My sister and her husband recently moved to WA. And thank you! I haven’t been as regimented this past year, but it’s good to hear someone is still following :)

  6. Hannah, I’ve been following your blog for a couple of years now. Your eye for presentation is going to be such a gift to Kinfolk. You will grow to love Portland. It is full of interesting, offbeat folk with out-of-the-box points of view. I hope you thrive there and enjoy the adventure of leaving the familiar to go toward the new. I am excited for you!

  7. Hannah I sure pray God blesses the work of your hands in the days ahead! It sure looks like you are doing so well!!
    So nice to follow your journey here.
    P.S. you have on amazing mom…she has been such a big blessing to me and my family lately!

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