Pronounced like “immer voxen”, Immer Wachsen means “always growing” (in German).
I’m Hannah, a graphic designer, photographer, and stylist currently living in Portland, OR.

Inquiries: hannah@immerwachsen.com

Matthew 5:16

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  1. Hello Hannah,

    I read one of your exerts underneathe the photos of Vanilla Chai Ice Cream,
    I have to say I am astonished in the most beautiful way possible.

    I wish I could describe to you how I feel about food and the Lord and the convictions and the ways that the world has tainted His precious gifts..
    Because I struggle everyday with those areas (and it sounds really funny and kind of ridculous, I question myself while writing this)..
    However, I just wanted to say, your blog is such a Godsend.

    What you are doing and the passions on your heart are truly God- driving.

    I am an aritst as well and have an incredible passion to cook . … I relate to you in so many ways..

    I want to encourage you to keep this going and persevere. .. Where you are in your life is exactly where the Father wants you to be .
    you are a blessing to many, many people.

    carry on, following your dreams.
    you are a light and a daughter… and I thank you :)

    Cheers ,

  2. Lina: Wow. That is so kind of you. To God be the glory! There have been so many times where I want to give up on this blog or feel like it is a temptation for pride. People like you keep me going. As well as continually reminding myself why I started the blog in the first place! Thank you so much :)

  3. Hi Hannah,

    Love your photos, exhortations and recipes.. please also visit my blog about our faith and my mother;s cancer journey.. and also my research about food.. ive chanced upon your site looking for recipes for oat groats & buckwheat.. as I am also trying to be at least 80% raw ..

    God Bless and keep it up


  4. Hi Hannah,
    im a freelance graphic designer in Indonesia,
    I just googled and your portfolio came up.i saw ur design published by Artpower.thats so cool ! :)

    Several months ago I was contacted by Artpower International Publishing in HongKong, they were interested in my package design and requesting permission to include my design in their publication book called Pack Your LIfe 3 and this will be published this end year.they approached me through behance messages I’m feeling that they’re probably bona fide as the images they have indiciated are all that interesting and the contract clearly states they cannot use them outside of the “book” without my express permission and that I retain all rights.So i sent my design but I haven’t seen a printed copy yet, although they promised to send me one..But its end year already and They wrote me a few weeks ago they said it will be published on early next year,they confused me about they workers who contact me in the past,someone said she is no longer in company,but she said she is not resign.I felt uneasy about the whole thing and didn’t continue the e-mails. And i never had publication my work so i unexperience with all of this

    I also received a letter from Liaoning China Publishing House. Seems like a scam to me. They have no real website this seems strange to me if they’re claiming to be a big publishing house. Their website is under different addresses other places on the web. Something is not right and i googled them and i found that they are a fake publishing from etsy thread.

    Thanks so much for your attention and i really hope to get your reply :)
    Jesus bless you

    Best Regards,
    -Alice Lynn-

  5. Alice: ArtPower took quite a long to time to publish the book, print, and send out copies to the contributors. I believe it was about a 2 year process, so I’m not surprised that it’s taking so long. I would reply to their emails and just occasionally remind them so they know you’re still interested. As for the other publisher, I’ve never heard of them them. Hope that helps!

  6. Thank you so much Hannah,for responding so quickly and for the advice you have shared with me.It really helped me.I very much appreciate it.Thank you!!God Bless.

  7. Hi Hannah! I just found your blog and am drooling over your recipes! I’m so encouraged by your love for Jesus – it’s very evident in each of your posts! Excited to be following along…. Keep growing and living every moment for Him. Happy Easter!

  8. Hello Hanna!
    I was up until 3am last night looking up raw gluten, dairy, sugar free recipes and came upon your blog!
    This is so exciting for me as I see our common interest with love for Jesus and all the truly beautiful foods we can eat!
    I have just started the candida diet, in which I struggle and I am dedicated to this now. Thank you so much for sharing your recipes I know they will help me through each day when I need snack!
    My only thing is that I will have to try to replace the honey with stevia as honey still feeds candida /:
    I know I was meant to find your blog exactly at this moment in my life. So thankyou.

  9. Seraya: Thank you so much! I feel for you, because getting rid of excess candida is tough. Stevia was the only way I made if for as long as I did without sugar!

  10. Hannah, I just wanted to say that you absolutely inspire me! I’ve used so many of your recipes and tips, and your love for Christ and desire to bring Him glory is so apparent, even through the internet. :) I just wanted to thank you for everything you’ve put into this site and your posts and for the joy you have in it!
    You’re a doll.
    In Him.

  11. Good morning Hannah,
    man ist das schön mal eine Bloggerin zu finden die auch an Gott glaubt ;)
    Ich freu mich gerade SEHR darüber !!!
    Deine Fotos sind wunder wunderschön ich bin begeistert !!!

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