ta-da & a southern bracelet

Yep. This post is most definitely not about food. On my about page I include “design” so I can sneak little bits like this in here and there : )

So I am kind of into natural things, including what I wear. This usually means I try to buy clothes made from natural fibers like cotton, wool, and linen. I found this 100% cotton skirt at Goodwill for about $2.00, tore the waist off and…well it was a HUGE scarf. I tore it in half again, and the picture above is the result!

Now this gem-less gem is my kind of bracelet. Made from tiny bead-like fossils found along a Kentucky river. If you are interested in one contact Amity Sampley for an affordable accessory to your rustic natural looking self. Amity is also a composer for her family’s film company Take 7 Films. So go check out their latest trailer! You can contact Amity at amity@take7films.com or on twitter @amityhsampley.

☝taken by Amity